Platform poverty migration
Plattform Armutsmigration in Vorarlberg - Deutscher Text

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About us

Who we are

We are a team of volunteers in Vorarlberg from different job backgrounds who have been affected by the topic of poverty-driven migration in the most diverse ways.

We feel responsible for people who have left their countries due to poverty and missing perspectives there, thus their existence having been endangered. They have come to our country because they wish for a better life for themselves and their families.

The platform is completely independent. There is no support or promotion from a governmental or parastatal institution or one that is closely connected to the government whatsoever.

Our objectives

  • We promote decent treatment of persons who are affected by poverty-driven migration.
  • We stand for objective discussion and a correct use of language in what refers to poverty-driven migration in public space.
  • A further motive is to offer sustainable and transparent aid for people concerned here in Vorarlberg as well as in their countries of origin.

  • What we do

    Due to their insufficient basic qualifications (language knowledge, formation, discrimination because of their origin or ethical affiliation) the people concerned have very little chance of improving their lives without some kind of help.

    This is the reason why we intend to offer to these people aid by focusing on the following aspects:

  • Promoting decent treatment at eye level
  • Establishing contact and confidence as well as providing supervision
  • Supplying guidance (legal information,…)
  • Offering learning opportunities (low threshold language course, integration to the public system of education)
  • Facilitating escorts to public authorities, medical doctors, job interviews…
  • Facilitating escorts to court hearings
  • Supporting search for accomodation and work
  • Establishing networks and cooperation with social institutions
  • Raising the awareness of the public for the topic of poverty migration

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